50 Years of Independence
"Fifty Years of Independence": a 4 ½ hour long year by year chronicle of the history of Kenya since independence in 1963..."
Kenya's Darkest Hour
A chronicle of Kenya's worst political crisis following the controversial December 2007 presidential election
Road to Hague
This is the dramatic story of the long legal and judicial journey that four Kenyans found themselves taking to The Hague to answer charges of committing crimes against humanity.
Uhuru Kenyatta
This is the story of Uhuru Kenyatta’s race for State House that will be determined on March 4th, 2013...
Raila Odinga
This is the story of Raila Odinga's race for State House that will be determined on March 4th, 2013...
George Saitoti
This is the story of the life and times of George Saitoti, a mathematics professor at the University of Nairobi..
Jomo Kenyatta
He was Kenya's first President. No one had a greater impact on Kenya’s history than he did...
Odinga Oginga
He was Kenya's first Vice President who helped shape the country's politics for nearly four decades...
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